My Book (Co-Edited Volume) – Countering Islamic State Ideology: Voices of Singapore Religious Scholars

To order, click here. Click here, for overview (Content, Preface, Foreword and Introduction)

Book Review – Abd Allah Azzam: The Father of Jihad

John C. Zimmerman (2018). The Father of Jihad: Abd Allah Azzam’s Jihad Ideas and Implications for National Security, Muhammad Haniff Hassan, New Jersey: Imperial College Press, 2014, 350 pp., Hardcover, $115.00, ISBN 978-1783262878. Terrorism and Political Violence, 30:3, pp. 564-565. Click here to read the review. Click here for information about the book.

My new book – Civil Disobedience in Islam: A Contemporary Debate

Muhammad Haniff Hassan (2017), Civil Disobedience in Islam: A Contemporary Debate, New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Click here to read the Preface of the book for an overview. Click here to purchase the book in hardcopy and ebook directly from the publisher.  

My book – The Father of Jihad: `Abd Allah `Azzam’s Jihad Ideas and Implications to National Security (2014)

    To purchase, click here. Read review here. Book Synopsis: This study revolves around the jihad ideas of ‘Abd Allāh ‘Azzām — an iconic figure in the study of militant jihad in the 20th century, history of Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union, Al-Qaeda and current threat of terrorism. This study has several objectives: […]

List of my books

Kritikan Internal Terhadap Al-Qaeda (Bahaya dan Kesalahan Ideologinya), Lazuardi Birru, Jakarta, 2012. Translation work with Ariefa Kusuma. Kritikan Dari Dalam Terhadap Ideologi Al-Qaeda (Criticism from Within of Al-Qaeda Ideology), Pustaka Nasional, Singapore, 2012. Translation work. “A Decade Combating Radical Ideology: Learning from the Singapore Experience (2001 – 2011)“, RSIS Monograph Series, No. 20, Singapore, September […]