Article – “Tie the Knot” Before Tawakkul (Reliance on God)

Originally published in (3 June 2020) at here. By Muhammad Haniff Hassan Tawakkul is a key teaching of Islam. The number of Qur’anic verses and hadiths that speak about it signify its importance. Also, there are no books written by Muslim scholars from the past till today on Akhlaq, an important aspect of Islam, […]

Article – Islam and Individuals with Special Needs

The article is published in Wasat no. 33/Jun 2020, The original source can be accessed here. The Malay version of the article can be read here (part 1) and here (part 2).———————— By Muhammad Haniff Hassan Wasatiyah (balance and moderation) in practicing Islam does not only mean avoiding violence, harshness and extremism. More importantly, it […]

Article – When Doing Good Causes Harm: The Islamic Perspective

This article was originally published by Muslim.SG which can be accessed here. The Malay version of the article can be read here. by Muhammad Haniff Hassan Some time after the opening of Makkah, the Prophet s.a.w. walked around the Masjid Al-Haram with his wife, Aisyah r.a. He then stood in front of the Kaabah and spoke to […]

Article – Towards Fair Reward for Asatizah

This article was first published in Wasat no. 32, April/2020 which can be accessed here. By Muhammad Haniff Hassan Introduction This article seeks to argue for fair treatment for teachers of Islamic religious knowledge (asatizah) in the form of fair remuneration for their services in religious education and various initiatives aimed at championing goodness (da`wah) […]

Article – Five Dalils (Scriptural Evidences) Why Muslims Must Have Pioneering Spirit & Breakthrough Ideas

Originally published in Wasat, no. 30 / December 2019, at here. Yes, I strongly believe that Islam commands Muslims to possess pioneering spirit and constantly generate breakthrough ideas that will shatter imaginary and real life barrier that inhibit personal success, progress and development. The 5 dalils that will support my above point. 1.   Islam commands […]

Article – Dealing with Non-Practising/Sinful Close Family Members: Argument for “Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner”

(This article is originally published in Wasat, no. 28/August 2019. The original source can be accessed here. For version published in The Muslim Reader, 36/Dec. 2019, click here.) By Muhammad Haniff Hassan When a Muslim has committed himself to live based on his religious principles, the existence of a close family member (i.e. parents, siblings, […]

My article (republished) – Rethinking ‘Hostile’ Verses from the Quran

  Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

My Article (Republished) – Towards a Common Balanced Standpoint on Apostasy (Karyawan, October 2018)

Click here to read the article.

My article – A Wasatiyah Approach to Seeking Knowledge: Inclusivity and Open-mindedness

(This article was published in Wasat, edition no. 21/June 2018. Click here to access to the original source.) A Wasatiyah Approach to Seeking Knowledge: Inclusivity and Open-mindedness (This article is a translated and improved version of original Malay article in Muhammad Haniff Hassan, “Bersikap terbuka demi menimba ilmu”, Berita Harian, 14 September 2012) Close-mindedness challenged Islam gives […]

Know Allah: The Most Compassionate and Merciful God

Click here for original source. The Importance of Knowing Allah Belief in God is the essence of Islam. The shari`ah of Islam brought by prophets evolved over time. Thus, the shari`ah brought by Moses a.s. is different from the shari`ahbrought by Jesus a.s. and therefore there are differences in the shari`ah revealed to Muhammad. Nevertheless, the aspect pertaining to belief in God […]