Be optimist, do not delay a good deed, grab opportunity to perform even the smallest charity

(c) Muhammad Haniff Hassan

Originally written in Malay. See

Anas bin Malik reported that the Prophet Muhammad said,

“If an individual has an opportunity to plant a tree, even if he knows the Day of Judgment is imminent, let him plant the tree.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari & Ahmad)

Some lessons

1. This hadith teaches us the meaning and value of commitment to and action for good purpose.

2. We must always strive to do good when there is a chance, even if we know that the Day of Judgment will occur tomorrow.

3. We must contribute for the good even if we are not be able to enjoy its benefits in this world because we may still enjoy them in the Afterlife if they are beneficial for the next generations.

4. As Muslims, the main objective of our contribution to the good is to reap benefits in the Afterlife. With such a perspective, we should not feel disappointed if our efforts do not bear fruits during our lives.

5. We should not delay any good deed that we can do. If we are encouraged to perform a good deed despite the arrival of the Day of Judgment tomorrow, we are more encouraged to do so now, without delay.

6. We should grab any opportunity to do even the smallest charity. We should not belittle it because it seems, to our mind, as small and petty.

7. This hadith also teaches us to be optimistic, even when the Day of Judgment looms very near.