Is joining armed jihad and making hijrah to Iraq and Syria a fardhu ain upon all Muslims today?

Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have strived to recruit Muslims all over the world to join and participate in armed jihad by making hijrah to Iraq, Syria and other conflict zones by framing an argument that jihad is fardhu ain (personal obligation) upon all Muslims when an inch of Muslim land is occupied by infidels […]

My article – The Centrality of Counter-Ideology in Countering Jihadist Terrorism

Muhammad Haniff Hassan (2015). “The Centrality of Counter-Ideology in Countering Jihadist Terrorism”. Resilient and Resolve: Communities Against Terrorism, edited by Jolene Jerard and Salim Mohamed Nasir. London: Imperial College Press. 59-78. Click here to read and download the article.

My Talk – Safinah Tough Questions Talk: Jihad Jargon

Click here for slide presentation (summary of notes). Click here for lecture notes. Click here for news report by Berita Harian (8 March 2014)  

Selective Nature of ISIS’ Armageddon Narrative 

(Note: I would like to thank bro. Hafiz Kusairi for his technical assistance when writing this article. This article has been published by Eurasia Review, 9 February 2015.) by Muhammad Haniff Hassan Fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore   One of many narratives used by ISIS in its propaganda materials to win support […]

An Analysis of Muslim Voices Against IS

This article was originally published in Malay by Berita Harian (24 September 2014, available here) (c) Muhammad Haniff Hassan & Mustazah Bahari, Oct 2014 Out of sudden in June, ISIS succeeded in expelling Iraq’s armed forces from its northern territories to Baghdad and took control over the large area. This development has caught the world […]

The Black Flag Myth: An Analysis from the Science of Hadith (the Prophet’s Tradition)

The Black Flag Myth: An Analysis from the Science of Hadith (the Prophet’s Tradition) (c) Mustazah Bahari and Muhammad Haniff Hassan, 2014 Lately, images of black flags have become a prominent feature in the media. It was proudly displayed by militants of IS (formerly known as ISIS / ISIL) during their victory parades and were […]

Muslim Voices Against IS / ISIL / ISIS

  MUSLIM VOICES AGAINST IS / ISIS / ISIL  compiled by Muhammad Haniff Hassan (Fellow) and Mustazah Bahari (Associate Research Fellow), S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University (c) August, 2014 This list compiles voice of Muslims from all over the world against IS. It is hoped, this list would contribute to; the study of […]

My Article – The “Marketplace of Ideas” and Countering Violent Extremism

  The above titled article is available here.

Countering violent extremism in Singapore (video presentation)

Video of my presentation at Imam Reference Group Workshop held by National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 4-5 December 2012. See the video here

My new article – Rethinking Classical Jihad Ideas

Please find my new article posted at my counterideology2 blog here.