Short Article – Leaders From Hero to Zero (Karyawan, vol. 18, no. 2, April 2023)

Click here for original pdf version. By Muhammad Haniff Hassan Many leaders throughout history began their careers as heroes, but the tide of public opinion turned on them. Their legacies as heads of state are now remembered in a different light. Some notable examples include; What made these leaders, who were respected at the beginning […]

Article – Perpetrating Jihadist Ideological Narratives (CTTA, vol. 15, no. 1, January 2023)

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Article – Six Excellent Attributes of Muslim Activist

This article was published in Wasat, no. 44 / Jun 2022 at here. By Muhammad Haniff Hassan Introduction Islam recognises the importance of social activism and works to change society for the better. Islam regards them as part of a da`wah work (sharing teachings of Islam to all) which is enjoined upon all Muslims. Thus, Muslims are […]

Article – Adab for Muslims When Using the Handphone Camera

This article was published by Karyawan, vol. 17, no. 1, January 2022. Click here (online version) and here (hardcopy version) for original source. By Muhammad Haniff Hassan Today, the camera has become available in almost everybody’s hand due to the wide use of smartphones. Even a primary school student possesses a camera that comes with […]

Article – 7 Reflections on Celebrating The Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet) s.a.w

This article is published at Muslim.SG, 15 October 2021. Click here for original source. By Muhammad Haniff Hassan Muslims all over the world commemorate the birth of the beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in the month of Rabiul Awwal (the third month of the Islamic calendar) every year. The arrival of this month is a good […]

Book Review – Countering Islamic State Ideology: Voices of Singapore Religious Scholars, by Sheikh Mohamed Farouq, in Wasat, August 2021

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Book Review – Countering Islamic State Ideology: Voices of Singapore Religious Scholars, by Amjad Mohamed Saleem, in Academia Letters, July 2021.

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Article – Islam on Identity, Racism and Patriotism

By Muhammad Haniff Hassan This article was published with some editing under the title, “Racism Has No Place in Islam”, in MuslimSG, on 28 July 2021, at here. Recent months have seen several racism related incidents that went viral on social media and received coverage by mainstream media outlets. Incidents such as the video of […]

Short Article – Powerful Conversations Between A Father and A Son: Lessons from Prophet Ibrahim a.s and Prophet Ismail a.s.

This article was published by Muslim.SG, 19 July 2021, at here. The Malay version is available here. Surah As-Saffat, verse 101-111, relates to us the story of Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and Prophet Ismail a.s, which later became the celebration of Aidiladha. Let us explore beyond the religious rites per se and discover other lessons from […]

Short Article – Equal Shares of Inheritance for Muslim Children: A Forgotten Perspective

By Muhammad Haniff Hassan (This article was published in Karyawan, vol. 16, no. 3, July 2021. Click here for online version and here for print edition. The article was adapted from the original Malay article titled, “Boleh bahagi harta sama rata kepada anak lelaki, perempuan dalam Islam?” first published by Berita Mediacorp, on 8 January […]