Towards A Better Life After Ramadhan: What Ramadhan Can Do For Us 

(Note: I would like to thank bro. Hafiz Kusairi for translating this article. The original Malay version is available here.) Muhammad Haniff Hassan Ramadhan should change ourselves for the better. At least, it should be the platform that catalyses changes in us. Below are 10 ways in which Ramadhan can help us engineer changes within […]

Ramadhan & appoinment with death…..

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, December 2001 Take this down – there’s nothing more certain in a person’s life than DEATH. Death is a promise that Allah ta’ala made as found in the Al-Quran: “Every soul shall have a taste of death” Ali-Imran verse 185 If you’ve been reading the newspapers over the last two weeks, […]