My article – Sexuality Education in Islam: Between Apprehension and Permissiveness

(This article was translated from Malay titled Beberapa Pandangan Mengenai Pendidikan Seks. This English version was first published in Wasat no. 11/October 2016. Click here.) (c) Muhammad Haniff Hassan, 2016 Islam is a religion of fitrah because it comes from Allah, the Creator of mankind and the whole universe. It seeks to guide Man in all aspects […]

My book – The Father of Jihad: `Abd Allah `Azzam’s Jihad Ideas and Implications to National Security (2014)

    To purchase, click here. Read review here. Book Synopsis: This study revolves around the jihad ideas of ‘Abd Allāh ‘Azzām — an iconic figure in the study of militant jihad in the 20th century, history of Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union, Al-Qaeda and current threat of terrorism. This study has several objectives: […]

Countering violent extremism in Singapore (video presentation)

Video of my presentation at Imam Reference Group Workshop held by National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 4-5 December 2012. See the video here

My new article – Rethinking Classical Jihad Ideas

Please find my new article posted at my counterideology2 blog here.

Islamic activities in Singapore

  Click Available also locations of musolla (prayer rooms) all over Singapore.

Booklet – Risalah for Building a Singapore Muslim Community of Excellence


Khutbah text in English @Singapore


List of my short articles in English from 2004 – 2012

Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Nur Azlin Yasin, “Indonesian Prisons: A Think Tank for Terrorists”, Counter-terrorist Trends and Analysis, ICPVTR, Singapore, August 2012.   Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan, “Insights from Recent Study on Roots of Violent Radicalisation in the UK”, Counter-terrorist Trends and Analysis, ICPVTR, Singapore, May 2012.   Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Zulkifli Mohamed […]

List of my long articles (journal and book chapter) from 2005 – 2012

Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan, “Inside Indonesian Online Library for Radical Materials”, Perspective of Terrorism, Vol. 4, Issue 6, December 2012, pp. 74-88.   Muhammad Haniff Hassan, “War, Peace or Neutrality: An Overview of Islamic Polity’s Inter-state Relations”, Journal of Al-Tamaddun, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2012, pp. 115-34   Muhammad Haniff Hassan and […]

List of my books

Kritikan Internal Terhadap Al-Qaeda (Bahaya dan Kesalahan Ideologinya), Lazuardi Birru, Jakarta, 2012. Translation work with Ariefa Kusuma. Kritikan Dari Dalam Terhadap Ideologi Al-Qaeda (Criticism from Within of Al-Qaeda Ideology), Pustaka Nasional, Singapore, 2012. Translation work. “A Decade Combating Radical Ideology: Learning from the Singapore Experience (2001 – 2011)“, RSIS Monograph Series, No. 20, Singapore, September […]