Is joining armed jihad and making hijrah to Iraq and Syria a fardhu ain upon all Muslims today?

dabiq-magazine-issue-3-1-638Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have strived to recruit Muslims all over the world to join and participate in armed jihad by making hijrah to Iraq, Syria and other conflict zones by framing an argument that jihad is fardhu ain (personal obligation) upon all Muslims when an inch of Muslim land is occupied by infidels such as Iraq and Afghanistan or in order to save Muslims from brutal persecution such as in Syria.

Because of that, they rule that Muslims who are not joining them are sinful and there is no need for seeking permission from parents, husbands or authority in order to fulfill a fardhu ain of Islam – as Muslims do not need to seek permission from parents, husband or authority to perform obligatory prayers or fasting.

In fact, it is sinful for Muslims to obey them if they refuse permission.

They claim this has been the position of all Muslim scholars when Muslim land and lives are transgressed by infidels.

Based on the same reason also, ISIS and Al-Qaeda incite Muslims who are not able to join them to wage their own jihad in their respective countries by targeting the infidels who are responsible for transgressing Muslim land and lives.

Admittedly, the argument is not the only influencing factor and cause of radicalisation.

However, many cases of radicalisation have proven that this argument has succeeded in influencing many young impressionable Muslims to leave their country, parents and even husbands in order to join and support armed jihad in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

cover 2I have written a response to this argument in my book Unlicensed to Kill (published in 2007).

In view of the increase in cases of radicalisation, there may be value to re-distribute my response extracted from the book.

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