Sharing Perspective on Balancing Career and Religious Duties for Muslims

  I have presented two talks on Islam and career for Muslim fresh graduates, undergraduates and students from national school and local madrasahs. Below are two slides of my presentation that I hope may benefit others who are interested. Click here for those who are from national schools. Click here for those who are from […]

My Book:

My new book – Civil Disobedience in Islam: A Contemporary Debate

Muhammad Haniff Hassan (2017), Civil Disobedience in Islam: A Contemporary Debate, New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Click here to read the Preface of the book for an overview. Click here to purchase the book in hardcopy and ebook directly from the publisher.  

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Know Allah: The Most Compassionate and Merciful God

Click here for original source. The Importance of Knowing Allah Belief in God is the essence of Islam. The shari`ah of Islam brought by prophets evolved over time. Thus, the shari`ah brought by Moses a.s. is different from the shari`ahbrought by Jesus a.s. and therefore there are differences in the shari`ah revealed to Muhammad. Nevertheless, the aspect pertaining to belief in God […]


The Quran on those how have not received the true message

“And so it is that thy Sustainer would never destroy a community for its wrongdoing so long as its people are still unaware [of the meaning of right and wrong]:” (The Quran, 6:131) Points of Reflection 1. God will not punish a community or person for not living in accordance to His religion until His […]

Ramadan Message:

Towards A Better Life After Ramadhan: What Ramadhan Can Do For Us 

(Note: I would like to thank bro. Hafiz Kusairi for translating this article. The original Malay version is available here.) Muhammad Haniff Hassan Ramadhan should change ourselves for the better. At least, it should be the platform that catalyses changes in us. Below are 10 ways in which Ramadhan can help us engineer changes within […]

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My article – Towards a Common Balanced Standpoint on Apostasy for Singapore’s Asatizah Community

This article is first published in Wasat, edition no. 18/December 2017. Click here for the original source. Towards a Common Balanced Standpoint on Apostasy for Singapore’s Asatizah Community By Ustaz Muhammad Haniff Hassan (This article is an edited and improved version of a Malay article published by Berita Harian in two parts under titles, “Kesepakatan tangani isu murtad” (19 […]


Make religious practice easy, embrace diversity

  Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Amr bin Al ‘Aas: Allah’s Apostle stopped (for a while near the Jimar) at Mina during his last haj for the people and they were asking him questions. A man came and said, “I forgot and got my head shaved before slaughtering the sacrificial animal).” The Prophet said, “There is no […]

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A Rebuttal of Al-Qaeda and IS’s Theological Justification of Suicide Bombing

  Muhammad Haniff Hassan (2017), “A Rebuttal of Al-Qaeda and IS’s Theological Justification of Suicide Bombing”, Counter Terrorist Trends and Analysis, vol. 9, no. 7, July. Click here to download or read. Included in the file an article, Abrogation and the Verse of Sword: Countering Extremists’ Justification of Violence, by Mahfuh Halimi, as supplementary reading.  

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My article – Sexuality Education in Islam: Between Apprehension and Permissiveness

(This article was translated from Malay titled Beberapa Pandangan Mengenai Pendidikan Seks. This English version was first published in Wasat no. 11/October 2016. Click here.) (c) Muhammad Haniff Hassan, 2016 Islam is a religion of fitrah because it comes from Allah, the Creator of mankind and the whole universe. It seeks to guide Man in all aspects […]