Be a true companion, not a thorn in dakwah work


“And appoint for me, out of my kinsfolk, one who will help me to bear my burden. Aaron, my brother. Add Thou through him to my strength. And let him share my task. So that [together] we might abundantly extol Thy limitless glory. And remember Thee without cease! Verily, Thou seest all that is within us!” (The Quran, 20:29-35)

Points of Reflection

1. The above verses describe Prophet Moses’ request to God Almighty that he would be given a companion that would assist him in his dakwah work. The verses also illustrate to us good characteristics of a companion in dakwah.

2. The verses signify the importance of helpers / supporters / partners / allies which implies the importance of collective work in dakwah. Even, prophets, as exemplified by Moses, required helpers and would not be able to discharge their duties single-handedly.

3. After highlighting the importance of having helpers / partners and collective work in dakwah, the verses lay down to us characteristics of good helpers / partners (the characteristics of Aaron as Moses’ companion). These characteristics are significant in three ways:

a) they help us to identify potential in our search for good partners in dakwah

b) they guide us in the development of dakwah activists / volunteers who will become the backbone of dakwah movement

c) they highlight the qualities that we must have as dakwah activists because every dakwah activist is a partner / companion to other activists / organisations

4. The characteristics are:

a) be a source of strength to fellow activists and dakwah organisation; make our felt as a blessing, not a burden; be an asset, not a liability.

b) together in thick and thin. Indeed, a true friend will not allow himself to enjoy rest at home while his companions are struggling in performing dakwah duties. How can a person be a good companion in dakwah without feeling guilty for lack of punctuality, going home early or procrastination that would have resulted others to carry more burden of work.

c) contribute to the personal development of others i.e. increase devotion (ibadah) that will lead to stronger relations with God. A good companion inspires others towards righteousness, not the opposite.

d) be a source that will remind others of God Almighty – He is the All-Knowing and in constant watch of His servants’ deeds.

4. Thus, a Muslim must be a source of strength, motivation, assistance and reminder. A Muslim is a mirror to his fellow Muslims and from them also he gets to see his true-self.


  1. اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ عَلَى نَبِيِّنَا مُحمَّد

    Be a true companion, not a thorn in dakwah work |