Be pro-active in contribution

Nor [shall blame attach] to those who, when they came unto thee [O Prophet, with the request] that thou provide them with mounts, were told by thee, “I cannot find anything whereon to mount you” – [whereupon] they turned away, their eyes overflowing with tears out of sorrow that they had no means to spend [on their equipment].

Only they may rightly be reproached who asked thee for exemption even though they were fully able [to go to war]. They were well-pleased to remain with those who were left behind -wherefore God has sealed their hearts, so that they do not know [what they are doing]. (The Quran, 9:92-3)

Points of Reflection

1. A good believer is characterised by his commitment and dedication to dakwah duty.

2. A behavioural manifestation of such commitment and dedication is pro-activeness and keenness in looking for opportunity to contribute, despite personal weaknesses, shortcomings, limitations or constraints.

3. Instead of be glad, he will be saddened when missed or denied the opportunity to contribute.

4. A hallmark of a good activist development and training program is to produce individuals with such character; persons who have endowed himself to dakwah and embraced it as his life mission.

5. In contrast, God express His displeasure towards those who are always looking for reasons to be excused or rejoice when escaped from dakwah duty.

6. Continuously seeking excuses from dakwah duty, when it is within a person’s capacity and means, is a sign of a sick heart/soul and troubled faith.