Just sharing – LGBT: A Critical Study by Ustaz Dr. Firdaus Yahya

confused-characterThis is an article published in Jurnal Dakwah (Pergas) in December 2012 edition.

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There is a growing global acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people, collectively called by its acronym: LGBT. Opposition towards this group is considered as undemocratic and against basic human rights. LGBT supporters and sympathizers considered their banishment to the fringes of society as a form of discrimination and societal victimization of those whom society considered as against human norms. It has been argued that homosexual practitioners are born with sexual desires towards members of their own gender. They are trapped by their biological and neurological makeups and thus cannot help from being homosexuals. It is not a choice but rather an enforced situation. This article proved that there is no conclusive evidence that homosexuality is dictated by biology and that researches done so far to prove otherwise are either inadequate or failed to unearth such link. Even if heredity has some role in determining homosexual orientation or a person, it is at a low end and can be overcome with education and therapy. In fact, studies have shown that homosexual tendency can be reduced significantly with the right therapy. This article also argued that though Islam acknowledges the existence of homosexuality, Islam does not condone it and in fact offers solution to the problem.