List of my short articles in English from 2004 – 2012

Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Nur Azlin Yasin, “Indonesian Prisons: A Think Tank for Terrorists”, Counter-terrorist Trends and Analysis, ICPVTR, Singapore, August 2012.   Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Zulkifli Mohamed Sultan, “Insights from Recent Study on Roots of Violent Radicalisation in the UK”, Counter-terrorist Trends and Analysis, ICPVTR, Singapore, May 2012.   Muhammad Haniff Hassan and Zulkifli Mohamed […]

Najasyi – a pious Muslim king

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, March 2003 Many of us are familiar with the names of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali, well known as outstanding leaders among the companions and recognised for their noble characteristics and contributions. Very few however know of another companion of the Prophet pbuh, a Najasyi (Negus, The Ethiopian King) named […]

Barzanji – a test of our creativity

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, June 2003 Reading the Barzanji has become part and parcel of our community’s tradition. In the past, it was often read on Thursday evenings at mosques. At other times, it was read on special occasions such as Aqiqah ceremonies, “shaving of the head” ceremonies for new-born babies, circumcisions and other cause […]

Beyond our concern over SARS

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, May 2003 Everywhere we turn, the buzzword seems to be SARS. It’s well covered in all the media and even tops the list in our daily conversation. It is now the number one public enemy such that a special task force had been formed to tackle it. Scan the pages of […]

They are angry with America for violating the system

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, April 2003 Islam requires that Muslims learn from what is happening around them through observation (taddabur) and thinking (tafakkur). And one of the biggest event at present is the American invasion of Iraq. It is certainly not something we should allow to pass without taking heeds of its learning points. For […]

Always under the guidance of Islam

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, February 2003 One of the important pillars that we should uphold in our da’wah efforts is to remain within the guidance of Islam at all times. What we understand and practice should always suite the spirit and principle of Islam. To ensure this, our main source of reference for any issues, […]

Sharing Islam while respecting the opinions of others

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, January 2003 We should expect that a person of any faith would be confident of the truth and principles of his or her religion compared to those of others. After all, it is only through conviction in Christianity that a person becomes a Christian and not a Buddhist , a Muslim […]

Our da’wah: Law abiding & constitutional

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, December 2002 Apart from following the syara’, da’wah should be operationalised according to the law of the country we are in. This is because Islam places great emphasis on being orderly in every matters. Hence our ibadah such as solat and wudhu can be nulified should we fail to observe them […]

Da’wah between war & peace….

(c) Muhammad Haniff Hassan, November 2002 One of the main principles of da’wah is upholding peace and to give priority to peaceful means. We should adhere to this principle based on the following reasons: 1. The name “Islam” means peace and tranquility. Hence any acts of aggression would not be consistent with its meaning. 2. […]

Democracy and us

© Muhammad Haniff Hassan, October 2002 One of the main pillars of da’wah in the context of Singapore is our commitment to upholding the democratic system. (NB: There is a clear distinction between democracy as a system and democracy as a philosophy. Democracy as a system refers to the mechanism, infrastructure and operational aspects of […]